About bldshd189

My name is Bret. I'm 30 years old. I am currently looking for a career change and in the meantime I decided to start this blog and do so strictly from my BlackBerry 9930 and some from my BlackBerry PlayBook. I am a loyal user & abuser of BlackBerry and want to reach out to anyone else who shares the same interests.

Welcome Will to the BlackBerry Today team!

I would like to take this time, and welcome Will to the team! Wills a great guy with a lot of insight on whats going on in the world of BlackBerry. Now with him on board Im looking forward to taking this site to new heights, and grow even more in the future. If anyone ever has any questions or suggestions, dont hesitate to leave comments, we’re listening. Thanks Will for being up for the challenge, its much appreciated.


quiet before the storm??

Hello out there, ever since the release of the OS7 devices it seems things once again are quieting down. Sure we had the 2nd quarter earnings report that stirred up quite a buzz filled with a bunch of negative. “BlackBerry coming to an end” B.S. But realistically RIM/BlackBerry isn’t going anywhere for a long, long time, if at all. Their presence in Canada is HUGE! They have tons of money, and were just voted #1 most attractive company in Canada, plus just recently reached 70+million global subscribers! So IOS and Android are more popular right now and are beating BlackBerry at their own game. But don’t forget RIM is in a major transition to the QNX OS. Of course the change isn’t going to happen over night, I believe it will take a lot longer, and is not going be over with the first QNX device. But for myself and a lot of loyal BlackBerry users its not so much about the wait, but more about the change we will see. I for one love my BlackBerry the way it is. Sure there are areas that need work, and other areas that are just straight up lacking, but it does everything I need it to do. Not to mention as far as q2 not being so good, most of sell through came from the new OS7 devices, which were well accepted and much needed. So for now the BlackBerry world seems a little quiet, but that’s ok Devcon is literally around the corner. And with that comes more announcements and some sneak peaks we all are looking forward to.

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welcome to my bldshd189 blog!

Hello and welcome my fellow BlackBerry users & abusers. Here you will be able to find News, Upcoming Devices, And a place to discuss everything BlackBerry. This is a new blog to you and also me, so be patient as it takes some time to get things up and running. I chose to launch from day 1 so you can all be here to witness our growth from the start “kind of in beta”. Any questions, ideas, or anything else feel free to comment.