Native Calender, Contacts, Email on the PlayBook

Last week RIM had a BlackBerry Innovation Forum and during the Forum, RIM showed off the native PIM apps that we have been waiting for since the release of the PlayBook. They seem to be looking ready for launch, and February cannot come soon enough. Here are some pics to whet your appetite.

The email client:

From the looks of it, the email client looks great. Very similar to what we already have on our beloved phones. Great job.

The contacts client:

The contact client is powered by Gist. If you have Gist on your BlackBerry you are going to notice a very similar experience, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The calendar client:

The calender client looks pretty straight forward. One cool feature is that if you have a particularly busy day or week, the date is enlarged. A nice touch if you ask me.

February just can’t come soon enough. The features that are going to be added are going to put the PlayBook up there with the big boys. The media will have very little to complain about and a whole lot to praise. 2012 is going to be a big year for RIM.




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