White 9900 coming to T-Mobile? (Updated!)

Something about white Bolds has always just worked for me, but oddly enough, I’ve never owned one. My wife had a white 9700 for T-Mobile and it looks like they are going to be the 1st American carrier to carry a white Bold 9900. I still think that the pricing is a little high, but they will still have a sexy phone.

As a Sprint user, I hope they are paying attention and offer a white 9930. I don’t think that Sprint or Verizon has ever had a white Bold, and hopefully they change that trend.

So, who’s going to pick up a white 9900?

Source: http://crackberry.com/white-blackberry-bold-9900-coming-t-mobile-299-two-year-contract

Here is some close up and higher res pics of the white 9900:

Technically its not for T-Mobile, but it does give us a close up look at what the beauty is going to look like. The accessories are white too. To see more pics, check out the source.


Source: http://www.blackberrycool.com/2011/11/25/white-blackberry-bold-9900-coming-soon-to-rogers/


2 thoughts on “White 9900 coming to T-Mobile? (Updated!)

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