BlackBerry Playbook, THE tablet of this holiday season?

Retailers have slashed prices on the PlayBook. They are roughly $300 off almost everywhere. This could be a very good thing for RIM. No other tablet at that price point can offer all that the PlayBook can offer. We know what it has and what it can do, and with the upcoming update, which will essentially change the tablet we know and love, it can be a major hit this holiday season.

To ensure that the PlayBook does well this holiday season, RIM needs to do something that historically they have not been good at, and that is market it. Lets face it, RIM’s marketing team is horrible. There is no RIM commercial I can say that I remember. Their “Love what you do” campaign was pretty good, but it was hard to connect those commercials to a BlackBerry.  RIM needs to start spending money on marketing if they want the PlayBook to succeed. Good marketing has helped any and every product out there. Who markets better than Apple? No one, and look how successful the iPhone and iPad have become.

Our friends at have put up a list of places that have the PlayBook on sale. Check it here:

I will be doing my part to convince potential buyers to pick  up the PlayBook. It offers more than the Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet. Its an incredible device that I have enjoyed thoroughly, and I will try to share my experience with everyone who is willing to listen.


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