What has me excited

As the title says, one thing that has me excited is the build quality that RIM has been showing us lately. The 9900/30 is probably the best phone they’ve ever built. From the stainless steel ring to he carbon fiber back cover, the device just screams high end. That is what happens when RIM sets their mind to something. The build quality on the PlayBook is also a great example of the awesome build quality from RIM.

I believe that RIM will continue this trend with the upcoming BBX phones, and realistically they have to if they want to stay in the game. The iPhone 4/S, the Nokia N9, the Galaxy Nexus, and the GalaxyS2, are all extremely well built devices. RIM needs to keep up and not play catch up.

BBX is a long term plan and their is as much riding on the software as their is on the hardware. RIM has an opportunity to do something big. BBX combined with the build quality is capable of, will really give the competition something to think about.

Like I said in the previous post, the London is a good step in the right direction, in regards to being unique and standing out. Whether the London is the 1st BBX phone or not, its fair to say that 1st BBX phone will be an all touch. What has me very curious, is what the 1st BBX Bold will look like. Keyboards have been RIM’s bread butter for years, and thankfully RIM has said that they are not giving up on them.

Only time will tell what the BBX line will look like and how many form factors RIM will offer, but their execution (on the hardware side) has been great and that has me very excited.


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